The Process

Fill Out the Consultation Form

You can find this form on the "Build Form" page. In this form, please include any questions you have about features or the appearance of your site.


Once I have reviewed your initial form, I will email you back as soon as possible to ask any further questions I have. Once I receive all of the information, I will provide you with an accurate quote.


In order to start your build, I will require a $30 deposit. This will ensure that both you and I are serious about the transaction. This will be applied to your total balance.

Initial Build

I will build your website under a temporary domain. If you have a domain name in mind, I will secure it for you upon your request.  Once the initial build is done, I will share the temporary domain with you, and we can discuss any changes that you would still like to be made.

Final Payment

Final payment may be made via pay-pal, or other arrangements can be 


After the final payment is received, I will publish your site to your domain. 


I am available via email or phone if you have any issues with the site.

Updates are available at a paid rate.